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Political Parties & Terror - Leonard Weinberg

Political Parties & Terror


Published: 18th September 2003
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The authors demonstrate that political parties and terrorism have much more in common than is ordinarily supposed and discuss the ways in which the two often become linked to one another. The book examines cases where political parties engage in the conventional electoral process while carrying out terrorist attacks, as well as highlighting the occasions when clandestine terrorist groups establish political wings in order to better convey their views to the public.
Most people believe that party politics in general are at the heart of the democratic process and that democracies provide the means for the peaceful resolution of conflicts. However, Weinberg and Pedahzur not only evidence the similarities between political parties and terrorist groups, but suggest that the transformation of the latter into peaceful political parties represents one way in which campaigns of terrorist violence may be brought to an end.

1. Introduction: Political Parties and Terrorist Groups?? 2. When Opposites Attract?? 3. When Political Parties Turn To Terrorism?? 4. When Terrorist Groups Turn to Party Politics?? 5. Political Parties, Political Movements and Terrorist Groups?? 6. A Pathway from Terrorism to Peaceful Political Party?? 7. Political Parties and Terrorist Groups: Conclusions

ISBN: 9780203402931
ISBN-10: 0203402936
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 18th September 2003