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More Peas Please : Solutions for Feeding Fussy Eaters - Kate Di Prima

More Peas Please

Solutions for Feeding Fussy Eaters


Published: 16th December 2012
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Do you dream of enjoyable mealtimes with children who are adventurous about trying a variety of foods? If so, this??is the perfect book for you, providing a wealth of nutritious solutions for fussy eaters. The number of children with feeding problems, food fussiness, or food group avoidance who are seeing health professionals is growing drastically. Apart from a dislike of certain foods and an aversion to trying new things, some children refuse to eat "lumpy" or "slimy" foods. Not many people know there's a strong relationship between learning to chew and swallow and learning to talk. Likewise, there is a little known connection between constipation, poor appetite, and fussy eating habits. This book provides loads of authoritative, sensible, practical advice about feeding children, along with easy recipes and a wealth of information about why kids sometimes have strange responses to certain foods, and how they can overcome them. This??guide to helping children learn to happily eat a healthy and varied diet examines the importance of feeding kids a balanced diet, tackling the psychological side of eating as well as the significance of early feeding experiences on speech development.

ISBN: 9781741767636
ISBN-10: 1741767636
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 280
Published: 16th December 2012
Edition Number: 1