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Managing Diversity in the Military : Research Perspectives from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute - Mickey R. Dansby

Managing Diversity in the Military

Research Perspectives from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

By: Mickey R. Dansby (Editor), James B. Stewart (Editor), Schuyler C. Webb (Editor)

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Although diversity is a twentieth-century term, as the United States continues through the twenty-first century, the issue of diversity in society and in organizations is becoming more complex. Managing Diversity in the Military addresses current equal opportunity and diversity issues and explores how the military is attempting to resolve them.

The research presented reflects interests of scholars from various backgrounds who use different models, approaches, and methodologies, many of which are adapted from the study of civilian institutions. The work is divided into five sections ???Contemporary Approaches to Managing Diversity,??? ???Diversifying Leadership: Equity in Evaluation and Promotion,??? ???Gender Integration and Sexual Harassment,??? ???Military Discipline and Race,??? and ???Where Do We Go from Here???? which proposes future research directions for equal opportunity and diversity management in the armed forces.

All of the areas explored in this accessibly written volume have counterparts in the civilian sector. The book offers insights, practical methodologies, and effective management guidelines for commanders, civilian-sector executives, and human resource practitioners responsible for equal opportunity programs and outcomes. This is now the standard social research tool in an area of profound practical concerns.

pt. 1. Contemporary Approaches to Managing Diversity. 1. Intercultural Training in the United States Military / Mickey R. Dansby and Dan Landis. 2. Contemporary Models of Racism: Theoretical Perspectives, Institutional Assessment, and Organizational Implications for an Equal Opportunity Climate / Olenda E. Johnson. 3. Three Levels of Diversity: An Examination of the Complex Relationship Between Diversity, Group Cohesiveness, Sexual Harassment, Group Performance, and Time / Gary L. Whaley. 4. Religious Accommodiation in the Military / Carlos C. Huerta and Schuyler C. Webb. 5. Personality and Leadership in Diverse DoD Workgroups and Teams / Robert M. McIntyre and Judith L. Johnson. 6. See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Senior Leaders' Social Comparisons, and the Low Salience of Racial Issues / Rupert W. Nacoste. 7. Mentors, Mentor Substitutes, or Virtual Mentors: Alternative Mentoring Approaches for the Military / Stephen B. Knouse and Schuyler C. Webb. 8. Opportunities for Assessing Military EO: A Researcher's Perspective on Identifying an Integrative Program-Evaluation Strategy / Jack E. Edwards. 9. Local Effects and Global Impact of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Training / Judith L. Johnson. 10. Perceptions of Small Group Diversity Training at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute / Ruth L. Greene -- pt. 2. Diversifying Leadership: Equity in Evaluation and Promotions. 11. Looking for a Few Good Men: Predicting Patterns of Retention, Promotion, and Accession of Minority and Women Officers / James B. Stewart and Juanita M. Firestone. 12. Trends in Gender and Racial Equity in Retention and Promotion of Officers / Juanita M. Firestone and James B. Stewart. 13. Officer Fitness Report Ratings: Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods to Examine Potential Bias / Everett L. Greene and Amy L. Culbertson. 14. "The Content of Our Character": Value Differences in the Narrative Comments of Navy Officer Fitness Reports / Olenda E. Johnson -- pt. 3. Gender Integration and Sexual Harassment. 15. Cultural Diversity and Gender Issues / Mickey R. Dansby. 16. Occupational Segregation: Comparing the Civilian and Military Workforce / Juanita M. Firestone. 17. Women Assigned to Army Combat Units: Perceptions of the Military Equal Opportunity Climate / Brenda L. Moore. 18. Toward an Integrative Model of Sexual Harassment: An Examination of Power, Attitudes, Gender/Role Match, and Some Interactions / Gary L. Whaley -- pt. 4. Military Discipline and Race. 19. Racial Disparities in Military Incarceration Rates: An Overview and Research Strategy / Mickey R. Dansby. 20. An Analysis of Discipline Rates Among Racial/Ethnic Groups in the U.S. Military, Fiscal Years 1987-1991 / Martin R. Walker. 21. Race and the Administration of Non-Judicial Punishment in the U.S. Army / Dan Landis and Rick S. Tallarigo. 22. Differences Between Black and White Military Offenders: A Study of Socioeconomic, Familial, Personality, and Military Characteristics of Inmates at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth / Stephen B. Knouse -- pt. 5. Where Do We Go From Here? 23. Women and Minorities in the Military: Charting a Course for Research / Mark J. Eitelberg. 24. The Future of Intercultural Research: Application to the Military Setting / Dan Landis.

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Published: 31st December 2011