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Krazy Hor : A soldier's story - Stanley 'Krazy Hor' Krasnoff


Published: 21st December 2012
Format: PDF
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The fascinating autobiography of Stan Krasnoff, a right-wing warrior who served with the American special forces in Vietnam.

AcknowledgmentsIntroduction1 Twelve grains of sand2 Officer Cadet School3 What's in a name?4 To be, or not to be5 A duel with the Magyar6 The undergrad7 Robbie's bower8 Bert incites a riot9 The unimpressed sentry10 Long Hop11 The Sheriff, her posse of gals, and the Vampire12 Mr Piggy and the Bewani patrol13 Flying foxes and the cargo cult14 Westering home on a song and a breeze15 Erina16 The Jungle Training Centre17 The Grey phenomenon18 Introspections of a kind19 Vietnam and the Team20 And then there was Gritz21 To snatch a prisoner22 Krazy Hor23 Of tiger suits and other things24 Gil's way25 The Grey Eight26 Serendipity27 Of sandy blight and other things28 Exercise Draught Master29 Catharsis30 SNOWJOB and the Clayton's Defence

ISBN: 9781741152982
ISBN-10: 1741152984
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 216
Published: 21st December 2012
Edition Number: 1