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Just Tell Them I Survived : Women in Antarctica - Robin Burns

Just Tell Them I Survived

Women in Antarctica


Published: 21st December 2012
Format: PDF
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This collection of interviews celebrates women's participation in national and private expeditions to Antarctica. Based on 130 interviews the book ranges across the first women scientists to visit Macquarie Island in 1959, to contemporary 'winterers'. Given the extent to which men have traditionally marked out the territory, physically, socially and psychologically, how do women experience an Antarctic stay, what attracts them to remote places, and how do they depict the stunning beauty of Antarctica itself. Who are they, how do they speak of their work and their experiences, and what are the effects on their lives of working in Antarctica?

Robin Burns has not only talked to women from many different backgrounds in order to answer such questions, but has also been a summer expeditioner herself to gain authentic experience of her subject. The result is a comprehensive account of women in Antarctic expeditions. She discovers the deep-seated longings of women to join these expeditions, the barriers they have to overcome, the good times and the bad, and the ways they would like their experiences and reflections to be passed on to others.

Foreword / by Louise Crossley -- Introduction: "I want to go too!": Story within the story -- Gathering the stories -- Telling and retelling the stories -- 'Finally we were on our way!' Women become Antarctic expeditioners: Barrier of the ice -- Breaking the ice: women enter the Antarctic arena -- Getting a foot in the door -- Resisting the female 'fatal impact' -- Continuity and change for women in ANARE -- Locating change in a wider perspective -- 'I had this dream': Responding to the call of Antarctica -- 'Would they select me to go?' From longings to reality -- Embracing adventure and challenge -- The call of the wild, remote places -- The significance of others -- Medley of attractions -- 'Could I be an expeditioner?' -- Reflections -- 'I just wanted to do my job well!': Working in Antarctica -- Scientific work on Macquarie and Heard Islands -- Science on the continent -- Doing one's job in Antarctica -- What is so special about working in Antarctica? -- Feeling good and bad about work and self -- Celebrating work, and one's own and others' skills -- 'Everything you do is noticed there!': Australia's Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations -- The layering of culture on Antarctic stations -- Implications for women -- 'If you pat one, pat them all!': Yes, sexual relations do happen in Antarctica -- Whose problem is it? -- Implications for women -- 'Tell them I survived!': Low points in the experience -- Weathering the storms -- How can things be improved? -- 'It just blew my mind away!': Working outdoors -- Perceiving and representing Antarctica -- The impact of Antarctica on humans -- 'There's no room for heroes there!': Heroes, heroines and the likes of you and me -- A place for peace and science? -- Careers, Antarctic careers and jobs -- Families and Antarctic service -- 'It's a life-changing experience' -- 'It wasn't easy, but I would do it all again!' -- Appendices: Women participating in this study and their Antarctic service -- Demographic portrait of the women -- Women's writings about Antarctica.

ISBN: 9781741151114
ISBN-10: 1741151112
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 248
Published: 21st December 2012
Edition Number: 1