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Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement - Brian Doherty

Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement

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The 'Western' green movement has grown rapidly in the last three decades: green ministers are in government in several European countries, Greenpeace has millions of paying supporters, and green direct action against roads, GM crops, the WTO and neo-liberalism, have become ubiquitous. The author argues that 'greens' share a common ideological framework but are divided over strategy. Using social movement theory and drawing on research from many countries, he shows how the green movement became more differentiated over time, as groups had to face the task of deciding what kind of action was appropriate. In the breadth of its coverage and its novel focus on the relationship between green ideas and action, this book makes an important contribution to the understanding of green politics.

Cover -- Routledge Research in Environmental Politics -- Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement -- Contents -- Preface -- Abbreviations -- Introduction -- Outline of the book -- 1 The green movement as a social movement -- The green movement as a social movement -- Collective identity -- Action outside political institutions -- Networks of interaction -- Social movements challenge power -- An ideal type -- Debates within social movement theory 6 -- Conclusion: the scope of the green agenda -- 2 The emergence and growth of the green movement -- How new are the greens? -- The new ecological crisis: an anti-authoritarian response -- The influence of the New Left 8 -- The growth of a green movement -- Explaining the development of the green movement -- A comparative model -- Collective learning -- Who are the greens? -- Welfare professions -- Political generations, structural change and collective learning -- 3 Green ideology -- Three core themes in green parties' ideology -- Green party programmes -- Green programmes on the ecological crisis -- Green programmes on the politics of inequality -- Green programmes on grassroots democracy and the limits of statist politics -- A shared ideology? -- Excluding those who break with the green framework -- Green leftism or ecocentrism? -- Green ideology as left-wing -- Ecological modernisation -- Linking ideology and action -- Conclusion -- 4 Green parties -- Green party formation -- Dilemmas of growth -- Greens in government -- The transformation of green parties -- 5 Mass environmental movement organisations -- What form does institutionalisation take? -- Membership growth -- Mass membership -- Internal institutionalisation -- External institutionalisation -- Is institutionalisation inevitable and irreversible? -- Does institutionalisation affect the activity of the wider environmental movement? -- Does institutionalisation entail de-radicalisation? -- Are the EMOS still radical? -- Conclusion -- 6 Ecological direct action groups -- Ecological direct action in the USA, Australia and Britain -- Repertoires and logics of action -- A transnational movement? -- The violence/non-violence debate -- Conclusion -- 7 Local environmental protest groups -- The nature of local environmental groups -- The experience of transformation -- The political impact of local environmental campaigns -- Are local environmental protests ultimately weak? -- Conclusion -- 8 Conclusion -- The future of the green movement -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Green Movement Sources -- Index

ISBN: 9780203994108
ISBN-10: 9781134688135
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 288
Published: 30th August 2002