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Harpoon : Into the heart of whaling - Andrew Darby


Into the heart of whaling


Published: 20th December 2012
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To many, the whale is a majestic mammal, the 'mind in the ocean'. What were once whaling towns have become homes to hordes of devoted whale watchers, and whaling, for the most part, was thought to have been vanquished. It was just a matter of waiting for those few misguided nations still whaling to come to their senses.That never happened. Instead, the whalers came back. In 1987, the first full year after the worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling was agreed to, 100 whales were killed on the end of grenade-tipped harpoons. In 2005, the figure was around 2,500.Harpoon reveals the political machinations and manipulation at the highest levels that have allowed some countries, particularly Japan, to continue hunting whales against the wishes of the world, with the IWC powerless to stop the slaughter.

Bones of the Past -- Counting Absence -- To the Brink -- Making Margarine -- Heroic Liars -- Whaling for Pygmies -- Moby's Click -- Waking the Village -- Hearts and Minds -- A Dozen Dead Oceans -- Brave New Science -- Being Japanese -- Keiko Goes Home -- Explosion and its Meaning -- Fishing for Countries -- Normality -- Voyages.

ISBN: 9781741764406
ISBN-10: 1741764408
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 312
Published: 20th December 2012
Edition Number: 1