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Globalization and Terrorism : Death of a Way of Life - Lionel F. Stapley

Globalization and Terrorism

Death of a Way of Life


Published: 3rd October 2006
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How do we explain the factors that led to the murder by Muslim immigrants of Theo van Gogh in Holland? How do we explain why four young British Muslims should become suicide bombers who killed themselves and 52 innocent members of the British public and injured many more on the London underground on 7/7? How do we explain why a Danish journalist published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed and the violent reactions that this sparked throughout the world? With a view to answering these and other topical questions this book tracks the development and progress of Globalization with the intention of exposing the way that its development has centred on the technological process whilst ignoring the problems posed by its use; in particular the affect on societal cultures. This has been experienced as 'death of a way of life' leading to a loss of individual and group identity.

The field of study : societal cultures -- The parallel worlds of globalization and global Muslim terrorism -- The Industrial Revolution : the first globalization -- Globalization -- The effect of globalization on Western societies -- An analysis of the effects of globalization on non-Western societies -- Exploring the effects of globalization on inter-cultural relationships and relatedness.

ISBN: 9781780495460
ISBN-10: 1780495463
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 178
Published: 3rd October 2006