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Geography, History, and the American Political Economy - John Heppen

Geography, History, and the American Political Economy

By: John Heppen (Editor), John Agnew (Contribution by), Emily J. Duda (Contribution by)


Published: 16th August 2009
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This collection takes on the call issued by reviewers of The American Way for a critical application of Carville Earle's framework to more geographical examples of political and economic shifts in America's past. The essays illustrate changes in U.S. settlement, development, and political structure through the lens of the restructuring of the American economy and society over approximately fifty year cycles of crisis and recovery. They demonstrate the extension of American's sphere of influence outside of the United States as a larger scalar shift, and they underscore the utility of geography in answering very local questions concerning questions of poorly documented settlement histories. Focusing on the geographic responses to periodic cycles of crisis and recovery and the more general underlying intertwining of geography and history, Geography, History, and the American Political Economy is an incisive demonstration of how the constant restructuring of American politics and economy occurs within spatial and historical constructs.

Chapter 1. Approaching America's Geographical History
Chapter 2. Earle's Theory and Conception of the Geographical History of the United States
Chapter 3. The French in the Illinois Country, 1699???1735: Using Historical Geography to Understand European-Indian History
Chapter 4. Economic Diversity, Industrialization, and Urbanization in Early Nineteenth Century Connecticut
Chapter 5. The Structural Transformation of the Antebellum Red River Valley Settlement Systems in Louisiana
Chapter 6. Earle's Dialectical Policy Regimes and the Erie Canal
Chapter 7. The Interplay of Manufacturing Employment and Population Concentrations in the United States, 1840???1990
Chapter 8. Regional Income Convergence and a Decennial Core-Periphery Regionalization of the United States 1929???2000
Chapter 9. Pre-Industrial, Industrial, and Post-Industrial Electoral Alignments in Ohio
Chapter 10. Globalization Bites Back: A New Type of Crisis for the "American Way"?
Chapter 11. The Rhythms of America's Geographical Past

ISBN: 9780739140987
ISBN-10: 0739140981
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 240
Published: 16th August 2009
Publisher: University Press of America