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Gardening When It Counts : Growing Food in Hard Times - Steve Solomon

Gardening When It Counts

Growing Food in Hard Times


Published: 1st April 2006
Format: PDF
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Applicable to most areas in the English-speaking world except the tropics and hot deserts, this book shows that any family with access to 3-5,000 square feet of garden land can halve their food costs in most climates using just the odd bucketful of household waste water, a few hand tools, and a few hundred dollars per year spent on supplies and seeds - working just an average of two hours a day during the peak growing season. Helpfully illustrated, it covers a host of material including: vegetables ranked by how difficult they are to grow; root systems as the key to gardening mastery; seeds, spacing and irrigation; home made organic fertilizer that really works; how to choose, use and sharpen hand tools; compost making, root-cellaring and irrigation; and chemical-free handling of insects and diseases.
Designed for readers with no experience, yet an eye-opener for even the seasoned gardener, Gardening When It Counts returns the backyard food garden to center stage for uncertain times ahead.

The coming hard times -- Getting land -- Becoming a vegetableatarian -- What is a vegetable? -- Helping plants grow -- Increasing soil fertility -- Tools and tasks -- The basic three and a file -- How to start a new garden -- Raised beds and raised rows -- The bow rake -- Restoring a raised bed for planting again -- The hoe -- Miscellaneous tools -- Care of tools -- Garden centers -- Transplants: Buyer beware -- Growing your own seedlings the easy way -- The garden center seedrack -- Seeds -- The mail-order seed business -- Who to buy from -- Making seeds come up -- Saving on seed purchases -- Growing your own -- Watering ... and not -- Four spacing systems -- Not suffering drought -- A gardener's textbook of sprinkler irrigation -- Compost -- Why compost? -- Making low-grade compost -- Medium-quality compost: The once-a-year heap -- Humanure -- Green manure and cover crops -- Insects and diseases -- Avoiding trouble -- Insects and their remedies -- Diseases and their remedies -- What to grow ... and how to grow it -- Some general tips -- Crops that are easiest to grow -- Crops that are harder to grow -- Difficult vegetables.

ISBN: 9781550923858
ISBN-10: 1550923854
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 360
Published: 1st April 2006