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Fate Lends a Leg - Jax Cordoba


Published: 1st September 2012
Format: PDF
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Teenage Olympic running hopeful Calvin Granger arrives in his new town angry about changing schools-again-and sad about leaving his boyfriend behind. Then he meets skittish cyclist Bill Moilet, and soon strange dreams and thoughts of Bill distract Calvin from his misery... until Calvin breaks his leg and his Olympic ambitions crumble.

it brings him closer to Bill, who offers to help him out while he's recovering. But whenever they start to get too close, Bill clams up or disappears. To add to Cal's frustration, living with a full-leg cast proves to be a miserable experience.

When Bill finally begins to open up to Cal, the strange dreams become more vivid-dreams, Cal learns, that they share. Can the boys decipher what their subconscious minds are trying to tell them, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

ISBN: 9781613727270
ISBN-10: 1613727275
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 1st September 2012