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Experiments with People : Revelations from Social Psychology - Robert P. Abelson

Experiments with People

Revelations from Social Psychology


Published: 12th August 2003
Format: PDF
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This book explores the fascinating subject of social psychology by examining 28 studies that shed light on human social thinking and behavior.

Strangers To Ourselves -- The Short Comings Of Introspection; Mythical Memories -- Reconstructing The Past In The Present; Taking The Edge Of Adversity -- The Psychological Immune System; Believing Is Seeing -Partisan Perceptions Of Media Bias; Frames Of Mind -- Taking Risks Or Playing Safe; Clashing Cognitions -- When Actions Prompt Attitudes; Baptism Of Fire -- When Suffering Leads To Liking; Taking The Magic Out Of The Markers -- The Hidden Costs Of Reward; The Calvinist'S Conundrum -- Unconsciously Engineering Good Omens; Pitfalls Of Purpose -- Ironic Processes In Mood Control; Familiarity Breeds Liking -- The Positive Effects Of Mere Exposure; Beneath The Mask -Tools For Detecting Hidden Prejudice; I Think, Therefore I Act -- Priming Intelligence; What Did You Expect? -- The Behavioural Confirmation Of Social Stereotypes; Good Vibes -Insights Into Belief In Mental Telepathy; The Eye Is Quicker Than The Mind -- Believing Precedes Unbelieving; Going Along To Get Along -- Conformity To Group Norms; The Unhurried Samaritan -- When Context Determines Character; Who Me? -- The Failure Of Bystanders To Intervene In Emergencies; Love Thy Neighbour Or Thyself? -- Empathy As A Source Of Altruism; "Just Following Orders" -- A Shocking Demonstration Of Obedience To Authority; Hood And Hoodlums -- The Role Of "Deindividuation" In Anti-Social Behaviour; The Burglar'S Situation -- Actor-Observer Differences In Explaining Behaviour; Of Cockroaches And Men -- Social Enhancement And Inhibition Of Performance; "We'Re Number One!" -- Basking In Others' Glory; Achmians Are From Mars, Orinthians Are From Venus -- Gender Stereotypes As Role Rationalizations; When Two Become One -- Expanding The Self To Include The Other; The Wrath Of The Rejected -- Being Shut Out Makes One Lash Out; List Of Revelations.

ISBN: 9781410609274
ISBN-10: 1410609278
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 376
Published: 12th August 2003