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Experiments with People : Revelations from Social Psychology - Robert P. Abelson

Experiments with People

Revelations from Social Psychology


Published: 12th August 2003
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Experiments With People showcases 28 intriguing studies that have significantly advanced our understanding of human thought and social behavior. These studies, mostly laboratory experiments, shed light on the irrationality of everyday thinking, the cruelty and indifference of 'ordinary' people, the operation of the unconscious mind, and the intimate bond between the self and others. This book tells the inside story of how social psychological research gets done and why it matters.

Each chapter focuses on the details and implications of a single study, but cites related research and real-life examples. All chapters are self-contained, allowing them to be read in any order. Each chapter is divided into:
*Background--provides the rationale for the study;
*What They Did--outlines the design and procedure used;
*What They Found--summarizes the results obtained;
*So What?--articulates the significance of those results;
*Afterthoughts--explores the broader issues raised by the study; and
*Revelation--encapsulates the 'take-home message' of each chapter.

This paperback is ideal as a main or supplementary text for courses in social psychology, introductory psychology, or research design.

Strangers To Ourselves -- The Short Comings Of Introspection; Mythical Memories -- Reconstructing The Past In The Present; Taking The Edge Of Adversity -- The Psychological Immune System; Believing Is Seeing -Partisan Perceptions Of Media Bias; Frames Of Mind -- Taking Risks Or Playing Safe; Clashing Cognitions -- When Actions Prompt Attitudes; Baptism Of Fire -- When Suffering Leads To Liking; Taking The Magic Out Of The Markers -- The Hidden Costs Of Reward; The Calvinist'S Conundrum -- Unconsciously Engineering Good Omens; Pitfalls Of Purpose -- Ironic Processes In Mood Control; Familiarity Breeds Liking -- The Positive Effects Of Mere Exposure; Beneath The Mask -Tools For Detecting Hidden Prejudice; I Think, Therefore I Act -- Priming Intelligence; What Did You Expect? -- The Behavioural Confirmation Of Social Stereotypes; Good Vibes -Insights Into Belief In Mental Telepathy; The Eye Is Quicker Than The Mind -- Believing Precedes Unbelieving; Going Along To Get Along -- Conformity To Group Norms; The Unhurried Samaritan -- When Context Determines Character; Who Me? -- The Failure Of Bystanders To Intervene In Emergencies; Love Thy Neighbour Or Thyself? -- Empathy As A Source Of Altruism; "Just Following Orders" -- A Shocking Demonstration Of Obedience To Authority; Hood And Hoodlums -- The Role Of "Deindividuation" In Anti-Social Behaviour; The Burglar'S Situation -- Actor-Observer Differences In Explaining Behaviour; Of Cockroaches And Men -- Social Enhancement And Inhibition Of Performance; "We'Re Number One!" -- Basking In Others' Glory; Achmians Are From Mars, Orinthians Are From Venus -- Gender Stereotypes As Role Rationalizations; When Two Become One -- Expanding The Self To Include The Other; The Wrath Of The Rejected -- Being Shut Out Makes One Lash Out; List Of Revelations.

ISBN: 9781410609274
ISBN-10: 1410609278
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 376
Published: 12th August 2003