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Dylan's Hill - James Howerton


Published: 31st January 2014
Format: PDF
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Dylan is only sixteen, but his life has already been filled with horror and sorrow. After his mother and father commit suicide together, Dylan begins to believe society will eventually collapse into chaos. He obsessively prepares for doomsday, having no idea how quickly the world will disintegrate in his immediate future.

the end of the world. As gunfire echoes in the distance and the world is thrown into violence and panic, Dylan and Julie decide to face life together without electricity, security, or a promise of anything. But when strange things beyond their imagination begin to appear, both cannot help but wonder if they are the new Adam and Eve.

In this compelling tale, two teenagers attempt to carve out a new existence in a treacherous wilderness where only the smartest and bravest survive.

ISBN: 9781491718735
ISBN-10: 1491718730
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 31st January 2014
Edition Number: 1