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Discovering Love - Rolf, A. F. Witzsche


Published: 15th June 2005
Format: PDF
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Freedom powered by universal love is the largely unexplored 'country.' Few people have dared to cross its borders and travel its landscape. Mostly, we are afraid of it. In marriage it is deemed treason; in relationships, poison; in politics, a joke; in business, a big no-no! Nevertheless, without it we would have no civilization, and in a nuclear-armed world we might not survive keeping it under wraps. Thus, the novel begins an epic story of love beyond romance, borders, boundaries, and politics, in a scientific search that comes to light around the center of the universal brotherhood of all humanity. The epic sequence, The Lodging for the Rose, unfolds across nine episodes. Its principle of universal love promises a New Renaissance. But who is willing to face its challenges and boldly step into its world to discover its light? Who stands courageous to break the strong chains of sexual division and isolation? Who can counter the many myths and trained emotions, as have been forged over the ages? Who can overrule them with an honesty that embraces our humanity in truth? Here, romance can be uplifted with a brighter joy, and the erotic enriched with a passion that we all share even as we enrich our world and one-another.

ISBN: 9781897046500
ISBN-10: 1897046502
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 15th June 2005