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Diaspora Networks and the International Migration of Skills : How Countries Can Draw on Their Talent Abroad - Yevgeny Kuznetsov

Diaspora Networks and the International Migration of Skills

How Countries Can Draw on Their Talent Abroad

By: Yevgeny Kuznetsov (Editor)


Published: 30th May 2006
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International migration and the 'brain drain' (the movement of skilled workers from less to more developed economies) are increasingly important development issues. This publication explores how this pool of expatriate expertise can be utilised for the benefit of developing countries through the collaboration of diaspora networks of professionals. It considers emerging best practice of how these diaspora networks could team up with developing countries' governments and external funding agencies to share policy, technological and managerial knowledge to improve local conditions and promote a development agenda within developing countries.

Cover -- Contents -- Foreword -- Contributors -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Part I. Analytical Framework and Major Policy Issues -- 1. International Migration of Talent, Diaspora Networks, and Development: Overview of Main Issues -- 2. The Dynamics of Migration of the Highly Skilled: A Survey of the Literature -- 3. The Dynamics of Diaspora Networks: Lessons of Experience -- Part II. Expatriate Talent and Home Country Development: Lessons of Mature Diaspora Networks -- 4. The Indian Diaspora: A Unique Case? -- 5. Mexico: Leveraging Migrants' Capital to Develop Hometown Communities -- 6. Armenia: What Drives First Movers and How Can Their Efforts Be Scaled Up? -- Part III. Expatriate Talent and Home Country Development: Emerging Diaspora Networks -- 7. Argentina: Burgeoning Networks of Talent Abroad, Weak Institutions at Home -- 8. South Africa: Evolving Diaspora, Promising Initiatives -- 9. Promise and Frustration of Diaspora Networks: Lessons from the Network of Colombian Researchers Abroad -- Part IV. Implications for Policy and Institutional Development -- 10. A Model Diaspora Network: The Origin and Evolution of Globalscot

ISBN: 9780821366486
ISBN-10: 0821366483
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 30th May 2006