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Cutting to the Core : Exploring the Ethics of Contested Surgeries - David Benatar

Cutting to the Core

Exploring the Ethics of Contested Surgeries

By: David Benatar (Editor)


Published: 13th August 2013
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Surgery inevitably inflicts some harm on the body. At the very least, it damages the tissue that is cut. These harms are often clearly outweighed by the overall benefits to the patient. But what if the benefits of surgery do not outweigh the harms? Cutting to the Core examines a range of controversial surgeries including infant circumcision, female genital cutting, the separation of conjoined twins, surgical sex assignment and reassignment, and limb and face transplantation. When, if ever, do the benefits of these surgeries outweigh their costs? Should a surgeon perform dangerous procedures that are not clearly of benefit, even if the patient consents to them? Recognized scholars in medical ethics, law, health policy, and philosophy consider the ethics of these contested surgeries in this groundbreaking collection. Book jacket.

Introduction. The ethics of contested surgeris / David Benatar -- pt. I. Male circumcision and female genital cutting -- 1. Between prophylaxis and child abuse : the ethics of neonatal male circumcision / Michael Benatar, David Benatar -- 2. The ethics of neonatal male circumcision : helping parents to decide / Leslie Cannold -- 3. Genital alteration of female minors / Dena S. Davis -- pt. II. Sex assignment and reassignment surgery -- 4. The ethics of surgically assigning sex for intersex children / Merle Spriggs, Julian Savulescu -- 5. Transsexualism and gender reassignment surgery / Heather Daper, Neil Evans -- pt. III. Separating conjoined twins -- 6. Separating conjoined twins : disability, ontology, and moral status / Richard Hull, Stephen Wilkinson -- 7. Conjunction and separation : viable relationships, equitable partings / David Wasserman -- pt. IV. Limb and face transplantation -- 8. Ethical issues in limb transplants / Donna Dickenson, Guy Widdershoven -- 9. Changing faces : ethics, identity, and facial transplantation / Fran??oise Baylis -- pt. V. Cosmetic surgery -- 10. A defense of cosmetic surgery / Stephen Coleman --11. Beauty under the knife : a feminist appraisal of cosmetic surgery / Rosemarie Tong, Hilde Lindemann -- pt. VI. Placebo surgery -- 12. The emperor's new scar : the ethics of placebo surgery / David Neil -- 13. Sham surgery and reasonable risks / Alex John London

ISBN: 9780742576162
ISBN-10: 0742576167
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 246
Published: 13th August 2013
Publisher: University Press of America