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Criminal Profiling : An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis - Brent E. Turvey

Criminal Profiling

An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis


Published: 9th March 2011
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Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis, Fourth Edition, provides an introduction to the behavioral evidence analysis (BEA) method of criminal profiling.
The book begins with discussions regarding the method of criminal profiling; the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by criminal profilers; educational requirements; and the importance of cultivating experience through formal internships, mentoring, on-the-job training, and real life.
The remainder of the book is organized into five sections. Section 1 presents an overview of criminal profiling, covering its history; the use of the scientific method, logic, and cognition; alternative methods of criminal profiling; forensic psychology and forensic psychiatry; and an introduction to BEA and crime scene analysis. Section 2 deals with the principles of forensic victimology and discusses the concepts of sexual deviance, sexual asphyxia, and false reports. Section 3 covers crime scene analysis, crime reconstruction, crime scene characteristics, interpreting motive, offender modus operandi and signature, and cybercrime. Section 4 deals with offender characteristics, including psychopathy, sadism, domestic homicide, mass murder, and serial cases. Section 5 considers professional issues, such as ethical guidelines for profilers and the admissibility of criminal profiling evidence.

  • Best-selling author Brent Turvey defines the deductive profiling method, which focuses on examining the nature and behavior of criminals in order to solve crimes
  • Contributing authors represent law enforcement, academic, mental health, and forensic science communities for a balanced perspective
  • Completely revised with 35% new material including updates on the latest advances in evidence-based profiling

New to this edition

  • New cases in every chapter
  • New chapters in logic and reasoning
  • New chapter reviewing non-evidence based profiling methods
  • New chapter on mass homicide
  • New chapter on terrorist profiling and interviewing

SECTION 1 - An Introduction to Criminal Profiling Chapter 1:?? A History of Criminal Profiling Chapter 2:?? Criminal Profiling: Science, Logic, and Cognition Chapter 3:?? Alternative Methods of Criminal Profiling Chapter 4:?? Forensic Psychology, Forensic Psychiatry, and Criminal Profiling: The Mental Health Professional's Contribution to Criminal Profiling Chapter 5:?? An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis Chapter 6:?? An Introduction to Crime Scene Analysis

SECTION 2 - Forensic Victimology Chapter 7:?? Forensic Victimology Chapter 8:?? Sexual Deviance Chapter 9:?? Sexual Asphyxia Chapter 10:?? False Reports

SECTION 3 - Crime Scene Analysis Chapter 11:?? An Introduction to Crime Reconstruction Chapter 12:?? Crime Scene Characteristics Chapter 13:?? Interpreting Motive Chapter 14:?? Case Linkage Chapter 15:?? Cyberpatterns: Criminal Behavior on the Internet Chapter 16:?? Fire and Explosives: Behavioral Aspects

SECTION 4 - Offender Characteristics Chapter 17:?? Inferring Offender Characteristics Chapter 18:?? Psychopathy and Sadism: Interpreting Psychopathic and Sadistic Behavior in the Crime Scene Chapter 19:?? Sex Crimes Chapter 20:?? Domestic Homicide Chapter 21:?? Mass Murder Chapter 22:?? Serial Cases: Investigating Pattern Crimes Chapter 23:?? Introduction to Terrorism: Understanding and Interviewing Terrorists???????? Appendix:?? Threshold Assessment

SECTION 5 - Professional Issues Chapter 24:?? Ethics and the Criminal Profiler Chapter 25:?? Criminal Profiling on Trial: The Admissibility of Criminal Profiling Evidence

ISBN: 9780123852441
ISBN-10: 0123852447
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 728
Published: 9th March 2011
Edition Number: 4