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Chestnut Creek Saga - Margaret Motland


Published: 11th December 2013
Format: PDF
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Charles, left an orphan in Devonshire, England, makes his way to the nearest seaport where he stows away aboard a ship bound for America, taking his mother's keepsake in his knapsack. Upon arrival in the colonies, a Pennsylvania Quaker family gives him a home and, finally, a wife. Charles and his wife eventually travel the old Warrior's Path to the new Quaker settlement in North Carolina. When new lands were opened to the West, Thomas, Charles' oldest son, along with his two boys, Daniel and John, get a land grant across the Blue Ridge Mountains and move to that area. Their daily life on the plantation is portrayed as it was in those times, including the interaction with the Indians who came there to hunt. Dramatic deaths, kidnappings, intriguing hunts and long-lost captivating colonial activities mark their experience. The keepsake Thomas brought from England becomes a mysterious treasure that possesses the ability to time travel through several generations of the family. It is mysteriously found near the story's conclusion.

ISBN: 9781460222904
ISBN-10: 1460222903
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 11th December 2013
Edition Number: 1