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Busted! The 50 Most Overrated Things In History Exposed : The Fifty Most Overrated Things in History - Mark Juddery

Busted! The 50 Most Overrated Things In History Exposed

The Fifty Most Overrated Things in History


Published: 1st July 2011
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A hilarious, myth-busting romp through history Gallipoli: birth of a nation? BUSTED! The brontosaurus: greatest dino? BUSTED! Titanic: biggest movie ever? BUSTED! Pirates: lawless rebels roaming the high seas? BUSTED! These and many other historical myths have taken root in our collective brains as fact, but according to journalist Mark Juddery, they are all seriously overrated. The brontosaurus ISN'T one of the greatest dinosaurs ever to roam the planet -- in fact, it never even existed. Titanic is NOT the biggest box-office film ever made. (Err, second-biggest? Nope, try sixth.) And as for Gallipoli and pirates - don't make Mark laugh. And don't even get him started on Star Trek, cockroaches, the sixties, the Wall Street Crash, Google . . . It's time to put things into perspective -- and bust some historical myths -- with BUSTED!, a lighthearted look at the fifty most overrated things in history -- and the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas. Some BUSTED! trivia: * The Woodstock Pop Festival killed more people than the Great Fire of London. * The healthy qualities of carrots have been greatly exaggerated by a top-secret British military hoax. * During the reign of King Charles I, notable citizens lived in fear of receiving knighthoods. * Doctors used to prescribe tobacco as a cure for cancer and bad breath. * During the Golden Age of Piracy, most of the 'fierce, terrifying' pirates were sensitive, well-behaved guys with a decent health plan. * You're twice as likely to be struck by lightning as to be killed by a shark. http://50-most-overrated.blogspot.com/

ISBN: 9781742745442
ISBN-10: 174274544X
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 224
Published: 1st July 2011
Publisher: Random House Australia
Edition Number: 1