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BULLY BATTLES : Fight Bullies with Knowledge and Skills! - Marcia Staser


Fight Bullies with Knowledge and Skills!


Published: 4th February 2014
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Okay--so you have had it with bullies, right? Battles do not need to be violent or hurtful. You can fight and stop your bullies in a peaceful way--with humor, even, after you develop the knack. BULLY BATTLES has a lot of information to make sure you start with knowledge about bullies and targets, making it much easier to win the battles if you know what and who you are battling. After all, who would try to win a war without having some well-planned strategies? Knowledge is power--for both girls and boys!

(should be bulleted and indented and centered) * Information about bullies and victims or targets * Bully do's and don'ts * Funny rhyming stories about bullying * How to handle common bullying situations * Limericks and haikus about bullying * How-to instructions on writing poetry about your bullies

Strategizing and out-witting your bullies becomes fun and easy. Get started NOW to see how YOU can battle YOUR bullies--in a peaceful way.

ISBN: 9781491854501
ISBN-10: 1491854502
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 4th February 2014
Edition Number: 1