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Brilliant Biruni : A Life Story of Abu Rayhan Mohammad Ibn Ahmad - M. Kamiar

Brilliant Biruni

A Life Story of Abu Rayhan Mohammad Ibn Ahmad

By: M. Kamiar


Published: 16th February 2009
Format: PDF
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Abu Raihan Biruni (973-1053 CE) was an Iranian scholar whose extraordinary achievements include predicting the existence of landmasses (North and South America) on the opposite side of the Earth and calculating the radius of the Earth five centuries before the European Renaissance. In Brilliant Biruni, Mohammad S. Kamiar presents the life of one of the greatest scholars in the history of the world: the story of a boy who became Biruni. From his boyhood home in the Village of Vasemereed to his final resting place in the city of Ghazna, Afghanistan, Brilliant Biruni: The Story of Abu Rayhan Mohammad Ibn Ahmad documents and describes the life story of this important geographer, prolific author, and groundbreaking scientist who brightened the dark skies of the Middle Ages. Written in accessible language and free of jargon, this biography sheds light on the neglected but influential scholar, giving Biruni the recognition he deserves.

Village of Vasemereed, Khwarazam, south of Lake Aral, central Asia -- Into the darkness -- Into slavery -- Mulla Hasssan -- The ghuzz -- Yalldowz -- The escape -- Yalldowz again -- The people of Tammami -- Abu Nasr Mansur -- The Andalusians -- Debates -- Lady Rayhana (sweet basil) -- Political turmoil -- The wandering years -- The city of Gorgan -- Azarmidoukht -- Maria again -- Fruitful years -- The city of Ghazna -- India -- The end.

ISBN: 9780810862449
ISBN-10: 0810862441
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 200
Published: 16th February 2009
Publisher: University Press of America