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Bilingual Sentence Processing - Roberto Heredia

Bilingual Sentence Processing

By: Roberto Heredia (Editor), J. Altarriba (Editor)


Published: 25th July 2002
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Bilingual Sentence Processing

Preface / Greg B. Simpson -- Introduction and Overview / Jeanette Altarriba and Roberto R. Heredia -- Methods in Bilingual Research -- On-Line Methods in Bilingual Spoken Language Research / Roberto R. Heredia and Mark T. Stewart -- Connectionist Models of Second Language Processing and Bilingualism -- Extending the Competition Model / Brian MacWhinney -- A Self-Organizing Connectionist Model of Bilingual Processing / Ping Li and Igor Farkas -- Memory Representation in Sentence Processing -- Cross-Language Facilitation, Repetition Blindness, and the Relation Between Language and Memory: Replications of Altarriba and Soltano (1996) and Support for a New Theory / Don G. MacKay, Lori E. James and Lise Abrams -- The Use of Sentence Contexts in Reading, Memory, and Semantic Disambiguation / Jeanette Altarriba and Jennifer L. Gianico -- Exploring Language Asymmetries in Early Spanish-English Bilinguals: The Role of Lexical and Sentential Context Effects / Arturo E. Hernandez -- Text Comprehension in Bilinguals: Integrating Perspectives on Language Representation and Text Processing / Gary E. Raney, Sharon M. Obeidallah and Timothy K. Miura -- Psycholinguistic Theory and Research -- Relative Clause Attachment in Bilinguals and Monolinguals / Eva M. Fernandez -- An On-Line Look at Sentence Processing inthe Second Language / Cheryl Frenck-Mestre -- Cross-Linguistic Aspects of Anaphor Resolution / Dieter Hillert -- Figurative Language Processing -- What Native and Non-Native Speakers Images for Idioms Tell Us About Figurative Language / Heather Bortfeld -- Language Skill Development in Bilingual Children -- The Role of Formal Definitions in Reading Comprehension of Bilingual Students / Aydin Y. Durganoglu, Zehra F. Peynircioglu and Montserrat Mir -- Syntactic Structure, Grammatical Accuracy, and Content in Second-Language Writing: An Analysis of Skill Learning and On-Line Processing / Wendy S. Francis, Laura F. Romo and Rochel Gelman -- Code Switching in Preschool Bilingual Children / Zehra Peynircioglu and Aydin Y. Durgonoglu.

ISBN: 9780080500096
ISBN-10: 0080500099
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 25th July 2002