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Arctic Ecological Research from Microwave Satellite Observations - Gennady I. Belchansky

Arctic Ecological Research from Microwave Satellite Observations


Published: 15th April 2004
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Arctic Ecological Research from Microwave Satellite Observations summarizes the main microwave satellite applications for Arctic ecological research. This book is invaluable to specialists with a background in microwave techniques, and to other ecologists interested in applications of microwave active and passive remote sensing for tundra, boreal forest, and Arctic marine mammal studies. It examines results of Arctic sea-ice habitat studies using OKEAN-01 satellite data, and analyzes multisensor satellite monitoring of habitat using OKEAN-01, SSM/I and AVHRR instruments. It describes the evaluation of relative information content of ALMAZ-1, ERS-1, JERS-1 SAR, and Landsat-TM data for identifying wet tundra habitats.

Book Cover; Title; Copyright; PREFACE; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; Contents; 1 Introduction to Arctic Ecological Research and Microwave Remote Sensing; 2 Russian Microwave Satellites: Main Missions, Characteristics and Applications; 3 Arctic Marine Mammal Sea Ice Habitat Studies Using Active and Passive Microwave Satellite Data; 4 Investigating Variability in Arctic Sea Ice Distribution Using OKEAN and ALMAZ SAR Satellite Data; 5 Comparative Analysis of OKEAN-01, SSM/I and AVHRR Satellite Data for Monitoring of Arctic Sea Ice Habitat; 6 Boreal Forest Habitat Studies Using OKEAN-01 Satellite Data.

ISBN: 9780203008867
ISBN-10: 0203008863
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 15th April 2004