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An Atlas of Irish History - Ruth Dudley Edwards

An Atlas of Irish History


Published: 29th January 2005
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Combining over 100 beautifully crafted maps, charts and graphs with a narrative packed with facts and information, An Atlas of Irish History provides coverage of the main political, military, economic, religious and social changes that have occurred in Ireland and among the Irish abroad over the past two millennia.

Ruth Dudley Edwards and Bridget Hourican use the combination of thematic narrative and visual aids to examine and illustrate issues such as:

  • the Viking invasions of Ireland

  • the Irish in Britain

  • pre- and post-famine agriculture

  • population change

  • twentieth-century political affiliations.

This third edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to include coverage of the many changes that have occurred in Ireland and among its people overseas. Taking into consideration the main issues that have developed since 1981, and adding a number of new maps and graphs, this new edition also includes an informative and detailed section on the troubles that have been a feature of Irish life since 1969.

An Atlas of Irish History is an invaluable resource for students of Irish history and politics and the general reader alike.

Foreword -- Note on second edition -- Note on third edition -- I Reference -- 1. Political geography of Ireland 2. Ulster 3. Leinster 4. Munster 5. Connacht 6. Physical features of Ireland II Cartography 7. Ireland and her cartographers III Military Developments -- 8. Strategic considerations 9. Battle sites 10. Continental interventions 11. The Viking invasions 12. The Norman invasion 13. Norman consolidation 14. The Bruce invasion 15. The Nine Years War 16. The 1640s: the Confederation and Cromwell 17. Stuart and Orange 18. The Irish Militia 19. The 1798 rising 20. The 1916 rising 21. The Anglo-Irish war 22. The civil war 23. Ireland and the second world war 24. Paramilitary activity: 1926-2000 IV Politics -- 25. Ireland before the Normans 26. Fourteenth-century Ireland 27. The great families of Ireland 28. The Pale: 1300-1596 29. The development of the Irish parliament 30. The Irish parliament: 1613-1800 31. O'Connell and Young Ireland 32. Irish representation at Westminster: 1800{-}1918 33. Labour in Ireland, 1907-23 34. Political affiliations in Dail Eireann, 1918-2002 35. Government in Ireland V Religion 36. The coming of Christianity 37. Medieval ecclesiastical Ireland 38. Post-Reformation Ireland 39. The dissolution of the monasteries 40. Dissenters in Ireland 41. Religious affiliations 42. Catholicism in crisis VI The Irish abroad -- 43. Fourth-century expansion 44. Irish influence abroad: 500-800 45. Irish colleges in Europe 46. Destinations of the emigrants 47. Irish catholicism abroad 48. The Irish in Britain 49. The Irish in the Empire: soldiers and administrators 50. The Irish in America 51. America and Irish politics 52. International relations 53. Ireland and the European Union VII Land -- 54. Tudor plantations 55. Plantations of James I 56. Cromwellian land confiscations 57. The transfer of land ownership: 1603-1778 58. Pre-famine agriculture 59. The transfer of land ownership: 1870-1921 60. Agriculture in independent Ireland VIII Infrastructure -- 61. Ear.

ISBN: 9780203308899
ISBN-10: 0203308891
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 280
Published: 29th January 2005