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Affective Computing and Interaction : Psychological, Cognitive and Neuroscientific Perspectives - Gulsen Yildirim

Affective Computing and Interaction

Psychological, Cognitive and Neuroscientific Perspectives


Published: 31st October 2010
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Since interactions may occur between animals, humans, or computational agents, an interdisciplinary approach which investigates foundations of affective communication in a variety of platforms is indispensable. In the field of affective computing, a collection of research, merging decades of research on emotions in psychology, cognition and neuroscience will inspire creative future research projects and contribute to the prosperity of this emerging field. Affective Computing and Interaction: Psychological, Cognitive and Neuroscientific Perspectives examines the current state and the future prospects of affect in computing within the context of interactions. Uniting several aspects of affective interactions and topics in affective computing, this reference reviews basic foundations of emotions, furthers an understanding of the contribution of affect to our lives and concludes by revealing current trends and promising technologies for reducing the emotional gap between humans and machines, all within the context of interactions.

1. Neurophysiology of emotions / Aysen Erdem, Serkan Karaismailoglu -- 2. Functions of unconscious and conscious emotion in the regulation of implicit and explicit motivated behavior / Mark Smith -- 3. Emotional axes / Didem G??k??ay -- 4. Evolution of affect and communication / Matthias Scheutz -- 5. A computational basis for the emotions / N Korsten, JG Taylor -- 6. For a 'cognitive anatomy' of human emotions and a mind-reading based affective interaction / Cristiano Castelfranchi -- 7. Towards a technology of nonverbal communication / Alessandro Vinciarelli, Gelareh Mohammadi -- 8. Communication and automatic interpretation of affect from facial expressions / Albert Salah, Nicu Sebe, Theo Gevers -- 9. Facial expression synthesis and animation / Ioan Buciu, Ioan Nafornita, Cornelia Gordan -- 10. The role of affect and emotion in language development / Annette Hohenberger -- 11. Problems associated with computer-mediated communication cognitive psychology and neuroscience perspectives / G??lsen Yildirim, Didem G??k??ay -- 12. The influence of intimacy and gender on emotions in mobile phone email / Yuuki Kato, Douglass Scott, Shogo Kato -- 13. A scientific look at the design of aesthetically and emotionally engaging interactive entertainment experiences / Magy El-Nasr, Jacquelyn Morie, Anders Drachen -- 14. Bringing affect to human computer interaction / Mahir Akgun, Goknur Akilli, Kursat Cagiltay -- 15. Affect-sensitive computing and autism / Karla Welch, Uttama Lahiri, Nilanjan Sarkar, Zachary Warren, Wendy Stone, Changchun Liu -- 16. Affective games / Jonathan Sykes.

ISBN: 9781616928940
ISBN-10: 1616928948
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 350
Published: 31st October 2010