Chopper 10.5 : The Popcorn Gangster - Mark Brandon Read

Chopper 10.5

The Popcorn Gangster


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"What if there was an author who wrote about crime and therefore relied upon death to earn a living."

Buried bodies, buried guns, buried money and buried truths. Only one man who's been on the inside tells it like it is about the Australian hit men, bikie wars and drug syndicates. His peers continue to die violent deaths, but Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read is still alive to tell the real story.

This is the life of the standover man who went from ex-con to icon. The Popcorn Gangsterrecounts the saga of the Calabrian contract and other grisly anecdotes.

About the Author

Mark 'Chopper' Read is one of Australia's most controversial public figures. He is an Australian ex-convict, author and celebrity. He is also a recording and performance artist.