Blobitecture : Waveform and Organic Design - John K. Waters


Waveform and Organic Design


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The Apple iMac and the New Beetle, Embryological House and the Experience Music Project, the Palm V and the Oh Chair - all these innovative, trend-setting designs have been identified with a computer-generated, digitally evolved genre of architecture and industrial design called blobitecture.

Using the powerful computers and advanced 3-D animation software developed for movie special effects, the blobmeisters spawned a brood of biomorphic buildings, furniture, and machines.

From apartments that evolved through "genetic manipulation" to womblike office cubicles, from a museum with layered and luminous "skin" to a house with walls that serve as thermodynamic "organs," from torso shopping bags to jellyfish barstools, from blobjects to globjects to the Superblob, Bibitecture takes readers on a riveting tour of one of the most imaginative landscapes in contemporary architecture and industrial design.

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