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Blaze Duo : Behind Closed Doors / Stripped Down - Debbi Rawlins

Blaze Duo

Behind Closed Doors / Stripped Down


Available: 1st September 2014
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Behind Closed Doors - Debbi Rawlins

This cowboy???s ready to ride!

Beth Wilson has clearly lost her mind. What sane woman ditches a successful career so she can move to Montana and renovate a run-down boarding house? But when her much-needed building supplies are sent to reclusive rancher Nathan Landers???every girl???s naughty cowboy fantasy???Beth is set for a showdown!

Nathan just wants to run his ranch in peace, but Beth???s determination???and gorgeous long legs???are a serious distraction. Feeding the local rumor mill is more than he can handle, though. So the only way to indulge in a deliciously hot little tryst is to ensure that no one ever suspects. But in the tiny town of Blackfoot Falls, Montana, there???s no such thing as a secret???.

Stripped Down - Kelli Ireland

Some men know how to wear a suit.

He knows how to take it off???

Eric Reeves is the CEO of a real estate development firm that???s on the cusp of a huge break-though. Soon, he???ll taste the first fruits of true success???or watch his dreams go up in smoke. But first he hast to earn a living...by becoming Dalton Chase, the most sought-after stripper at Beaux Hommes, one of Seattle's most exclusive adult clubs.

Cass Jameson hires Dalton for her best friend's bachelorette, but from the moment he steps in the door, his eyes never leave her. Dalton is hot, ripped and exactly what Cass needs to let off a little steam. Nothing can stop the primal need between them???to touch, to taste, to take...and to want more. Nothing except their real identities.

ISBN: 9781488751738
ISBN-10: 1488751730
Series: Mills & Boon Blaze
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 456
Available: 1st September 2014